Lately the Stanley Cup has been won by the most cohesive team wherein every player has a role and executes that role. It has not been the team with the most stars but a team with one or two stars and a lot of hard working role players who know and execute their responsibilities.

An excellent goalie seems to be there as well.

How does teamwork happen. Each player will know their responsibilities all over the rink. The players will come to realize they are part of a group and that like the other teammates they have responsibilities. They eventually learn not to let each other down. They support each other. Those with better skills learn to help others when they need assistance. Those with lesser skills will do their best and sometimes surprise everyone simply because they are trying not to let their teammates down. That is the key to teamwork. Teamwork evolves from the atmosphere created. The bottom line is the players do not want to let their mates down.

When the team operates like this they will do extremely well.