The game then moved indoors.

To assist the referee in the enforcement of the rules 2 linesmen were added to the officiating of the game.

Presently everything is pretty much set in place. Hockey has become a major sport around the world and in most northern communities. Most games are played in leagues that are administered by volunteers. Now; generally speaking only minor but important changes to equipment and the rules change.

The game of hockey results from a combination of;

(1) the ice surface size,

 (2) design and markings on the ice,

 (3) the players on the teams and

 (4) the rules.

Everyone needs an understanding of the arena or “rink”. If you are familiar with the rink you may want to skip the next few pages and the first video to get on with advancing your understanding of watching the game. Or maybe you might benefit from our short presentation. 

Let’s go to a “rink.” The ice surface prepared for hockey in an Arena (a building)

First a couple of pictures. One of a community rink, and one where professional teams play.