This book helps Coaches understand how the game was designed to be played so that they are able to teach young players the game of hockey. This is not a hockey drill, play, nor skill book. The essence of this book is to teach the youngsters to play their positions. Teamwork and building character are encouraged. A team coached in the manner suggested with players taught the game as explained should be very competitive up until the pee wee triple A level or 15 years of age.

This book will enable established Coaches to better present the various factors of the game and to understand how they all blend together to result in a higher level of play.

The game of hockey is the result of the ice surface design and markings combined with the rules. Everyone needs a basic understanding of terms and essentials. These are gone over in some detail and their reason for being is explained as simply as possible. Once all the players have the same understanding of the game they can move forward as a team. Once all the fans and parents understand the game they will enjoy watching the game being played.

Team goals are introduced and the responsibilities of each player anywhere on the ice at any time are explained. All in an easy to grasp manner so that coaches will be able to understand and explain to young hockey players. Once learned a cohesive and perhaps even a competitive team will be the result. Coaches using this book will provide their players with a lifelong positive understanding of the game of hockey.

There is an underlying basic system to the team play of hockey that is learned. It even underlies professional hockey team play. The basic game does not change at the pro level. What changes is everything including performance is run as a business.
There are a multitude of skill, drill, and play books available. These resources along with the knowledge gained from this book should be applied in a suitable fashion for the age, skill, and ability to learn levels of the players.