We are trying to provide a better understanding of Hockey. To help you appreciate and enjoy watching the game whether on TV or at the arena. There are two different groups we are reaching. The persons new to the game along with those who presently watch the game and would like to get a better understanding of what is happening.

The first group would be new to what games are played in northern countries having cold and snow. Others in this group would be parents who never really bothered with hockey and who now have children wanting to play the game.

The next group, a much larger one, are Hockey fans. Unfortunately most in this group have been poorly coached. There are a lot of different opinions of what is important and how the game should be played. All these fans have various thoughts of what the coaches and or the players are doing either right or wrong. The TV, radio and newspaper commentators (talking heads) only bring up specific moments in a game. They do not relate the impact of that moment to the entirety of the game.
Why would this be? There are very few good coaches nor others who fully understand the game. Seems like most books on Hockey are simply skill or practice drill books. So far we have not seen a book on what the coaches are trying to accomplish nor what players should be doing every moment of the game. You need to know these things to truly enjoy watching the game.

The index of the e-booklet is as follows:
  • Chapter 1: For newcomers to northern countries having snow and ice. Includes basics of games, skills, arenas, ice, rinks, history etc. Includes video to help explain the game.
  • Chapter 2: For parents who never really bothered with hockey who now have children who want to play.  What happens at the game including rules, penalties, teams, players, shifts etc.
  • Chapter 3: For Hockey fans who love to have opinions, criticize and debate all aspects of the game.  Hints are here to bring out the important actions of the game. If you want to know more than your friend(s) read How to Coach Kids Hockey.