COACHES should read this book for various reasons. To learn the game of hockey. What needs to be done to have a competitive and fun season. To understand and be able to communicate all the responsibilities of each position in every area of the rink when either on the offensive or defensive. Teamwork is probably the most important aspect of a competitive team. Coaches need to understand what teamwork is and how it develops. If you have been coaching for years you will find some “gems” in this book. How to explain the various aspects. If your teams have not been winners you will discover the reasons why.
HOCKEY PARENTS should read this book. This book explains the game of hockey in a simple format so that kids will understand. If you know what the teams are trying to do you will be able to better deal with your kids, coaches, and/or hockey associations.
HOCKEY ASSOCIATIONS should read this book. This book should be mandatory reading and understanding by everyone associated with kid’s hockey. This book could be a guideline used to define what your goals are for your coaches.
WHY READ THIS BOOK. Hockey is a game; a team sport meant to be enjoyed. Sports develop character. Teams develop social behavior. Introducing youngsters to these dynamics is quite a responsibility. Those involved being coaches, trainers, managers, parents and fans should know and understand the game of hockey. In simple terms this book explains how hockey is played by successful teams. All aspects of the game are explained along with how Coaches can successfully present these concepts to youngsters. This is not a drill, skill, nor play book.

"I got a chance to read through your hockey book.  You covered all of the key concepts that are essential for coaching the game or simply understanding the game. I enjoyed your informal style and approach to explaining the game.  Being a hockey person I could read and understand what you were explaining regarding any concept or aspect of the game. 
I particularly liked  your ideas around defensive play.  Defending the slot with almost a “force field” or defensive line is cool. 
Anyway,  a tremendous amount of work went into this project and you should feel good about persisting and getting it done."  -PT, a long time Toronto area kids coach