His job is to stop the other team from scoring. Goalies have their own coaches. Usually a former goalie with similar or better experience. The goalie cannot be expected to make every save all the time.

Goals against in hockey are not the defensemen nor goalies fault only. If you understand the game, you know that a series of miscues leads to a goal against over 90% of the time.

Here is an example of how this happens. In the offensive zone our centre misses this fore check and lets their defenseman shoot the puck past him to their winger along the boards. The winger then gets past our winger who was supposed to be covering him. He passes to his centre and his centre passes to his other winger. He was able to make the pass because our winger didn’t switch from offence to defense quick enough to cover his check, the wide winger, properly. Meanwhile one of our defensemen rushing back to his defensive position catches an edge and falls while turning to skate backwards. Your remaining defenseman and the goalie are now looking at a two-man rush with a trailer and not another teammate close enough to help. Tic, tac, toe; the puck is in the net!

In this instance all five players contributed to the goal against. Anyone of them could have broken the chain of miscues and a scoring opportunity would not have occurred.

Most fans don’t understand this. They blame the goalie.

Each player needs to support the team effort by executing their responsibilities.