At this point 4 clarifications need to be made to assist you in understanding what we are saying. 

Coaches tell their players how they want them to play hockey. Basically they should tell their players what their responsibilities are everywhere on the ice surface. Then they motivate the players to play as taught. This influence is why we herein refer to Coaches occasionally to help explain what they are trying to do. Each Coach has his or her own way to achieve results. We can only make you aware of the basic responsibilities of the players. The following pages are meant to give you an adequate understanding of the concept so your appreciation of what is happening on the ice will be increased. 

Hockey Fans have their favourite teams. Usually their child’s team or their community/city team. With all the action and excitement going on the fans loudly cheer, boo the referees, blow horns, wave flags and hold up signs. All this behaviour is expected and condoned. So because this is the way fans speak (including us) we refer to “our team” and “their team” to help ease your understanding of the game. No matter where you watch hockey you will get caught up with the excitement resulting in cheering our team. Enjoy!

Target Definition; to receive a pass a player needs to give the puck carrier a “target”. This would be showing the puck carrier the blade of his stick on the ice and in clear view.

Bum on the Boards. When a player is along the boards and hoping to get a pass he cannot provide a good “target” without having his bum pointing to the boards. If his chest is facing the boards he cannot see the play developing and may get injured if hit from behind and crashing into the boards.