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Areas of importance; not marked on ice.

Where we score goals!
From inside the low slot we will score most of our goals
From inside the high slot we will also score goals
75% of NHL goals are scored from areas within the slot.
Outside of these areas the goalies are expected to make saves by simply blocking off the angles.

Shooting from the purple area can create a lot of goals.
Defensemen stand along the blue line and shoot from there often.
Sometimes they score but players in front of the net (ie; in the low slot) can either deflect the puck to score or shoot in any rebounds. If one or more of their players is in position to block a defenseman’s shot, the defenseman is wiser to pass the puck (look for your partner or a team mate in the clear), or, if passing is not available shoot it along the boards deep into their end. Behind the net preferably.
It helps to use the other team’s players as screens so the goalie doesn’t see the puck when shot.
Players on the rush can score from here as well.
Many times the goalie does not expect a shot from this area and is not ready. He may not be playing the angles right and you may see a lot of net to shoot at.

Shooting on the other team’s net from outside the slot is a very low percentage shot, meaning that you probably won’t score.
Goalies place themselves directly facing the shooter then move out of the net towards the shooter until his body mostly or completely hides the shooter’s view of the net
It is best to pass the puck to a player in the clear, showing a target.
If a team mate is rushing towards the net a shot on net can be made hoping for a rebound to go to that team mate or another thereby creating a scoring opportunity.
Otherwise it is best to keep control of the puck while moving towards clear ice until a team mate gets himself in the clear with a target out. This is referred to as supporting the puck carrier and is extremely important for all players without the puck in all zones.
Shooting the puck around the boards is a last resort. If you are not trying to get the puck to a team mate you are simply giving up the puck and putting the other team on the offensive.
When all else fails shoot the puck deep into the offensive zone meaning the puck comes to a stop behind the goal/icing line. There both teams have an equal chance of getting the puck and the play remains deep in the other teams end.
If the puck travels around the net and up the boards it will most likely go to an opposing player. One or two of our players may be deep in the offensive zone which means they will be behind the play and of no help stopping the opposing team from getting out of their defensive zone.